Cyber attack- take action!


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Last week saw the UK Parliament hit by a 'sustained' cyber-attack, which centred on identifying weak passwords and exploiting them. This in addition to the recent ransomware attack on several NHS trusts, causing problems in many hospitals in England, highlights how easily seemingly secure systems can be hacked.

But most cyberattacks aren't even this complex - many of them, are simple phishing emails whereby the hacker inserts him or herself into an email chain, watching for an opportune moment and intervening, usually to redirect large quantities of cash. The Club's in-house investigators, Signum Services, were recently involved in such a case.

Cybercrime is on the up, the Office of National Statistics estimated that in 2015-2016 there were 2.46 million cyber related crimes. This figure is expected to rise.

There are some active steps Members can take to reduce their cyber risks:

  • Educating staff about cyber fraud and how it can occur.

  • Be aware that this is an ongoing risk - so be vigilant and avoid complacency e.g. if someone contradicts payment instructions probe further.

  • Protecting your systems. Ensure your computer software is up to date and you have adequate malware protection.

  • Consider conducting a risk assessment of your computer systems and process to help identify any weak spots. 

Further information is available on the Club's Cyber Security page.

Amanda Hastings

Claims Executive