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Date: 20/07/2017
Author: Amanda Hastings

Summer is once again upon us and the media coverage surrounding the refugee and migrant crisis in the Mediterranean continues, as do the criticisms of Operation Triton. So has anything really changed since Triton was introduced or do commercial operators still have to step in?

Date: 30/06/2017
Author: Amanda Hastings

Last week saw the UK Parliament hit by a ‘sustained’ cyber-attack, which centred on identifying weak passwords and exploiting them. This in addition to the recent ransomware attack on several NHS trusts, causing problems in many hospitals in England, highlights how easily seemingly secure systems can be hacked.

Date: 22/06/2017
Author: Laura Grant

As the years have progressed, so has technology. In the not so distant past, computers were a thing of luxury however they now deemed more of a necessity. We are becoming increasingly reliant on this assistance but should it be considered a friend or foe?

Date: 15/06/2017
Author: Sylvia Shi

The appearance of an employment contract for Chinese seafarers may be innocently straight forward. Ready to sign? Well, think again - the implications between the lines may take you by surprise.

Date: 07/06/2017
Author: Amanda Hastings

At this year’s NOR-Shipping, ships of the future featured heavily, with several new projects being unveiled.

Date: 01/06/2017
Author: Laura Starr

e-Bills are an ongoing hot topic.  So what is all the fuss about?

Date: 19/05/2017
Author: Amanda Hastings

The issue of incorporation of charterparties into bills of lading is debated by the English courts on a fairly frequent basis; most recently in the Anna Bo (2015) and the Magellan Spirit (2016). So what’s all the fuss about really and how do you avoid getting caught out? 

Date: 10/05/2017
Author: Sophia Bullard

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and the Mental Health Foundation is encouraging people to look at mental health from a new angle

Date: 11/04/2017
Author: Amanda Hastings

To bunker or not to bunker that is the question… if only that were an option! However, unless your ship is propelled by magical fairy dust (or LNG); bunkers will be a pretty integral part of your operation.

Date: 11/04/2017
Author: Amanda Hastings

What’s in a unit? A measurement by any other name…will probably still result in higher limits…

Date: 04/04/2017
Author: Amanda Hastings

Shipping is an industry that is notoriously social but if you’re new, it can sometimes all seem a bit daunting. Whether you’re new to the industry or just wanted to develop your network further, London has much to offer the young shipping professional.

Date: 29/03/2017
Author: Alexander Gray

A Member approached the Club asking for our help to pursue a claim under a Letter of Indemnity (LOI) issued by a charterer / shipper. LOIs are used all the time – even when, perhaps, they shouldn’t be .

Date: 22/03/2017
Author: Alexander Gray

According to the Belgian Court of Appeal, it would seem that Masters of ships must also be Masters of the unknown – on top of all the other job requirements. Odd? Yes – we thought so, too.

Date: 08/03/2017
Author: Alexander Gray

Sanctions caused – and continue to cause! – so much uncertainty. With global politics in an all-time turbulent flux, that uncertainty is magnified even further: where have they been lifted? Who is still on the list? Is this an exempted payment? Could they be put back on the list? ... so many questions.

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