Enhancing crew training on fire-fighting risks with React Emergency Response and Simwave B.V.

At the UK Club, we understand the paramount importance of proactive measures in mitigating potential hazards, especially those related to emerging risks such as the transportation of renewable energy sources like lithium-ion batteries.

Understanding the Challenge

Recent incidents have underscored the pressing need for thorough reviews of equipment and procedures to effectively address emerging fire risks aboard merchant vessels. With the proliferation of renewable energy technologies, such as lithium-ion batteries, the industry faces new challenges in fire prevention and suppression.

Collaborative Efforts and Research

Extensive research by various industry stakeholders is currently to tackle the multifaceted aspects of fire risks associated with transportation of renewable energy sources. Amongst others, the UK Club, TT Club and Brookes Bell have recently published a white paper on the transportation of lithium-ion batteries.

Crew Training Gap

Despite these efforts, one critical area that demands attention is crew training in handling fire emergencies involving renewable energy sources. We frequently engage in discussions with crew members as part of the various loss prevention initiatives organised by the UK Club in collaboration with our Members. A common theme that emerges from these discussions, particularly concerning fires involving renewable energy sources like lithium-ion batteries, is the crew members' lack of confidence about their ability to combat such fires effectively.

Our Initiative

In response to this pressing need, we have partnered with React Emergency Response and Simwave B.V. to launch a series of workshops tailored specifically for our Members. These workshops will focus on:

  1. Risk Awareness: Understanding the unique risks associated with transporting renewable energy sources and hazardous goods.
  2. Best Practices in Emergency Response: Equipping crew members with the necessary skills and knowledge and building their confidence to effectively respond to fire incidents involving renewable energy technologies.

About Our Partners

React Emergency Response Services (React): With extensive hands-on experience in handling ship fires, explosion hazards, and maritime incidents, React brings invaluable insights into fire response strategies. Their expertise, gained from dealing with some of the most prominent recent fire incidents involving renewable energy sources, ensures practical and relevant training for crew members.

Simwave B.V.: As a leading Maritime Training Centre of Excellence, Simwave offers state-of-the-art facilities and simulation-based training programs. Their comprehensive Learning Management System and Competency Management System provide a tailored approach to enhancing crew competence and readiness.

For further details and to register your interest for this training, Members can contact our Loss Prevention team on Lossprevention.ukclub@thomasmiller.com

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