834 - 07/12 - Port congestion due to Ice, Port Red Dog - Alaska

The Club has received enquiries relating to Port Red Dog, an Arctic port found in Alaska exporting Zinc however, ice in the port is causing delays to loading operations.

It has been reported to the Club that several vessels are at present standing off the port waiting for ice to clear.  It is anticipated the ice will clear in approximately one week.  Barges operated by Foss Maritime will then be able to reach the berth to recommence transhipment operations between the port and the Bulk Carriers standing off waiting to load.  Once the offshore band of ice clears, barges will be able to access the loading dock and cargo operations will recommence.  North Pacific Maritime expects the ice to clear sufficiently in about one week.
For more information the Club advises Members to contact their local agent in Red Dog. Additional day to day updates of local conditions can also be obtained through North Pacific Maritime;

North Pacific Maritime
Anchorage, Alaska, USA
telex: 0023-413818
phone: 097-272-6145
Fax: 907-263-0033

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