Our Americas bodily injury team is drawn from experts in our New Jersey and San Francisco offices. It has a significant settlement authority to deal with the particularly demanding cases of bodily injury in the Americas. 

This team supports Members based both in the United States and abroad in dealing with a diverse and complex range of personal injury, illness and death cases. The one common factor is the influence of United States jurisdiction and emergency response.

We help Members and their advisors build the best defence or resolution strategies to claims including suspicious death, passenger leisure activity injuries, long and short-term illness, engine room and cargo-handling fatalities, shore-side accidents, loss of limbs in mooring activities and sexual assault. 

Our experience continues to evolve as we see new litigation trends, strategies and theories, alongside updated legal precedents and jurisdiction matters. 

Our expert

Dolores Dee OLeary

Dolores (Dee) O'Leary (DNO)

Senior Claims Director

T: +1 201 557 7402

M: +1 201 912 7183

E: dolores.o'leary@thomasmiller.com


New Jersey

10:58 | Thursday, 21 June