Prevention & Defences against Piracy

Two new advisories published this week provide up to date guidance for Members on protecting their ships against pirate attacks.

A detailed advice and guidance on construction and use of citadels written by the shipping industry organisations who are signatories of Best Management Practice (BMP) with support from EUNAVFOR, CMF, NATO and UKMTO is being sent to Members. Also, the International Group FAQs on piracy have been revised, updated and published on the Piracy section of this website.

Citadels have proved effective protection in a number of recent incidents of pirate attack in the Indian Ocean. Members contemplating the use of a citadel as a defensive measure against piracy should be aware of the recommendations contained in BMP4. These recommendations are highlighted in a short item in the Piracy section of the Club website. If citadels are to be employed, they should be complementary to, rather than a replacement for, all other ship protection measures set out in BMP 4.

The establishing of a Citadel may be beyond the capability of ship's staff alone, and may well require external technical advice and support. The detailed advice and guidance on construction and use of citadels referred to in BMP4 is being emailed to all recipients of the Club's Latest Update email. It can also be found at the website of MSCHOA. Further copies of this pdf document can be obtained from your usual Club contact.

Given the extreme range at which pirates are now operating, and the extension of the 'high risk area' earlier this year, the Club strongly recommends that all Members refer to the International Group FAQs on piracy issues and consider its advice.

Staff Author