Ivory Coast - Abandoned Cargo Advice

After which time is a container officially abandoned in the Ivory Coast?

Between 45 to 90 days. Or 15 days if the cargo is perishable. This is in compliance with the customs code and after this time cargo will be seized by customs.

Does the Member need an official written letter from the customer that he abandons the cargo?

It depends on the terms of the abandoned cargo letters and the terms of the reverse side of the bill of lading of Members.

Is it possible for the Member to survey, sell, auction or destroy the cargo in this jurisdiction?

Members may survey, sell, auction or destruct the cargo by following a long and difficult procedure. We usually advise Members to send a bailiff notification to protect themselves first. However, Most of the time, Customs Authorities will already be proceeding with auctions or forcing Members to destroy the cargo.

Does the Member need to obtain a court/customs order to have authority to dispose the cargo?

The easiest way to proceed is to have a court order. But as advised earlier, Customs' collaboration can be also sought. Customs usually proceed with auction of the cargo to their profit and they pay approx. Euros 150 per container (after cargo was bought at auction).

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