EGCSA Interactive Map – For the latest updates on scrubbers regulations


Marpol Annex VI requires ships to reduce SOx emissions either by burning low sulphur fuel or by cleaning the exhaust gas. Exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS), also known as "scrubbers", have been fitted onboard many ships as an acceptable equivalent method of compliance under Marpol Annex VI. 

Concerns that wash water discharged from open-loop scrubbers may have harmful effects on local waters has however led to many ports introducing regulations either to ban ships fitted with open-loop scrubbers or to impose additional requirements relating to the discharge of wash water from such systems. To assist operators to avoid issues with local regulations, the Exhaust Gas Cleaning System Association (EGCSA), launched a free-to-access Global Marine SOx Emissions Regulation map on their website, This map provides links (please click on the markers and the ECA boundary lines) to verified information on local regulations. 

If Members are aware of information about a port/area bringing in a regulation affecting the use of EGCS, and such information is missing from this map, please forward the information with relevant contact details to EGCSA will then make enquiries with the port/area, and if the information can be substantiated, the same will be added to the map. We hope Members will find this map a useful resource. If Members require information relating to a specific port and the information cannot be found on this map, please approach your usual contact at the Club who will be pleased to assist you.

The UK Club would like to thank EGCSA for allowing us to share a link to the map above on our website.

Jacqueline Tan

Legal Services Manager