Ice Condition in Northern Chinese Ports

Sea Ice at Chinese Ports

UK Club correspondents Oasis P&I have provided the following circular on sea ice conditions at Northern Chinese ports. 

Owing to the recent low temperature in Northern China since the end of December 2020, the ice condition in Bohai and Huanghai sea area has been developing quickly. For instance, in Liaodong Bay, the ice along the coast extends from 10 miles to 40 miles from shore within a short period. According to the current forecast, in the following week, the ice condition will further develop, and the floating ice will reach 50 miles in Liaodong Bay, 10-15 miles in Bohai Bay and Laizhou Bay, and 10-20 miles in north Huanghai Sea.

The full circular can be downloaded below. 

For more information please get in touch with your usual Club contact who will be pleased to assist you. 


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