UK Club Live Webinar (Series 18): Bridge Watchkeeping - the "After-Hour"

UK Club Webinar 18_bridge watchkeeping_the after-hour
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After the UK Club webinar on bridge watchkeeping, a follow up bonus session ("After-Hour") was held with the industry to discuss the practical & legal challenges how these could be overcome.

The panel

The session was hosted by Capt Anuj Velankar of the UK P&I Club and on the panel were Capt Rituraj Daniver (Eaglestar Shipmanagement), Capt Binoy Dubey (Incisive Law LLC) and Capt Ann Till (Ocean Infinity).

Topics discussed

Among the various issues discussed in the one and half hour session were the practical issues faced by the bridge team such as fatigue, resource management, training and managing equipment on vessels effectively. Ocean Infinity operates unmanned vessels and Capt Ann Till discussed how automation is already making an impact on the maritime industry. Various aspects of how increasing automation and technology would impact the bridge teams and the way they interacted with each other as a team. Various legal implications of these issues were also discussed with the help of Binoy Dubey.

Issues discussed were based on questions asked by the audience during registration and also from the issues raised by the live audience. The recording will be of great interest to office teams in marine and technical departments looking into Bridge watchkeeping and automation safety of the vessel.

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