Further P&IQ Support for Club Correspondents in 2023

Cargo ship on Hudson River in New Jersey

The International Group of P&I Clubs are pleased to announce a suite of new measures to support the Club's correspondent networks in engaging with the P&IQ programme including a significant discount on the exams and textbooks plus an opportunity to win a scholarship. 

Importance of correspondents

It is often said that correspondents are the "eyes and ears" of IG P&I Clubs worldwide, and since the opening of P&IQ programme to non-Club staff in 2017, they have been by far the largest non-Club participation group. Since 2020 over two hundred correspondents from across the globe have taken P&IQ exams each year. Their success is the Clubs' success in many ways. Because as well as supporting the programme, the greater levels of participation and progression among our correspondent network have a direct benefit in terms of the service levels the correspondents can provide to Club staff and members. 

For more information, including new discounts, scholarships and more, read more on the International Group's website.

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