Safety Alert! Coal Cargo Emitting Methane, Shipped from the East Coast of the USA

Thermal Coal Image

The UK P&I Club is currently addressing a situation on board one of our Members’ vessels concerning a coal cargo shipment from the East coast of the USA. The cargo is emitting dangerously high levels of methane.

The shipper's cargo declaration, provided to our Member on this occasion, failed to include information about the methane emissions of the cargo, potentially violating the requirements of the IMSBC Code.

The Club is aware of at least two other incidents in the past year involving coal cargoes shipped from the East coast of the USA. Although these cargoes were correctly declared, they exhibited exceptionally high levels of methane emissions.

We advise Members who have loaded coal cargoes from the East coast of the USA and have concerns regarding methane emissions to contact the Club immediately.

Petar Modev

Head of Ship Inspections