Implementation of Just-in-time Arrival in Singapore



Members with ships calling at Singapore are recommended to refer to the Port Marine Circular 23-10 issued by the Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) regarding the implementation of a "Just-in-Time" planning and coordination platform. The purpose of this is to match vessels with available berths upon arrival in Singapore and expedite any linked services such as bunkering, husbandry, etc. The aim is to save time at the anchorages of Singapore, reducing CO2 emissions and saving costs.

Vessels are to receive a time slot approval 72 hours in advance, which they are to meet. If the berthing is delayed, there will be an anchorage available for the vessel in Singapore while waiting. If the vessel arrives early, the MPA requests that vessels seek alternative anchorages in the vicinity of Singapore (Indonesia and Malaysia). There are ongoing discussions with these countries on how to implement this. However, please be aware that there is no such thing as Singapore OPL as of now. Club’s previous cautions for anchoring without permission outside of Singapore remain in place. Without a valid reason to call Singapore, vessels will likely not be granted permission to anchor. Vessels already in Singapore will require a valid reason once 36 hours of idle time is exceeded.

This scheme will naturally raise some practical issues with legal and safety concerns, which the Club will address in an upcoming webinar.

The Singapore Shipping Association (SSA) has sent out the following update, which may be of guidance.

From January 2024, the Just In Time Planning and Coordination Platform (JIT Platform) for the Port of Singapore will be extended to tankers berthing at the energy terminals and all vessels calling at the anchorages. The JIT Platform had previously been fully implemented from 1 October 2023 for vessels berthing at PSA Terminal and Jurong Port for cargo operations.

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) will provide a 72-hours’ notification to Singapore-bound vessels regarding their berth allocation. Vessels are expected to time their arrival in Singapore accordingly. MPA has assessed that the 72-hour notification period allows for activities such as the provision of supplies, bunkering, crew change, and inspections to be conducted concurrently with cargo operations.

Any subsequent changes to the Estimated Time of Berthing (ETB) will be communicated through the JIT system, which operates as a live notification system. In case of delays to the ETB, not attributable to the vessel, MPA is prepared to provide anchorage space in the port if the delay is communicated within 12 hours for vessels coming from the west and six hours for vessels coming from the east before the ETB. Ships calling Singapore for husbandry services are allowed to enter, provided activities are planned during their stay. Vessels staying beyond 36 hours without a valid reason (i.e., no scheduled activities) may be directed to leave port by MPA.

INTERTANKO has provided a list of recommended anchorages for tankers, which can also be used by all types of vessels, subject to the service providers’ approval. The following is the list of alternative anchorages provided by INTERTANKO:

In Indonesia (within Riau Islands):

  1. Tg Balai Karimun Anchorage Area (PM17/2013) – Managed by PT Pelindo I (PERSERO)
  2. Nipa Island Anchorage Area (KM222/2019 and KM223/2019) – PT Asinusa Putra Sekawan and PT Pelindo I (PERSERO)
  3. Galang Island Anchorage Area (KM148/2020) – Managed by PT Bias Delta Pratama
  4. Kabil Anchorage Area (KM216/2000) – In concession process / cooperation of PT Pelabuhan Kepri (BUMD)
  5. Tanjung Berakit Anchorage Area (KM30/2021) – In concession process / cooperation of Pt. Pelabuhan Kepri (BUMD)
  6. Batu Ampar Terminal and Sekupang Terminal in Batam Port (KP775/2018) – Managed by Port Authority

In Malaysia:

  • Desaru Port Limit

  • Pasir Gudang Port Limit

  • Charisma Marine Supplies Sdn. Bhd

  • Sinar Eja Engineering and Supply Sdn. Bhd

  • Nikkomas Sdn. Bhd.

  • AWH International Logistics Sdn. Bhd

  • Sungai Udang Port Limit (To confirm whether non-tankers can utilise the space by the 2nd week of Jan, 2024)

For further reference, members are recommended to refer to IMO’s Just in Time Arrival Guide and BIMCO’S Just in Time Arrival Clause 2021 for use in voyage charter parties.

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