Updated industry transit advice for Southern Red Sea and Gulf of Aden - 5 Feb 2024

Gulf of Aden

Further to the Club's previous alert, the industry associations (BIMCO, CLIA, ICS, IMCA, INTERCARGO, INTERTANKO and OCIMF) have revised the security guidelines for navigating through the Southern Red Sea and Gulf of Aden from 5th February 2024.

This update comes after a series of attacks by the Houthis, a Yemeni rebel group backed by Iran, on ships that they perceive to have some affiliation with Israel, including those traveling to or from Israeli ports, as well as those affiliated with the US or the UK. The updated guidelines reflect the most recent developments.

The guidance emphasises the importance of conducting a thorough ship and voyage-specific threat and risk assessment, taking into account any additional advice from the ship's flag state before passing through the area in question. The guidance also highlights that the maritime threat from the Houthi forces is greater in the vicinity of the Yemeni Red Sea coastline which is to some extent controlled by the Houthis. Additionally, it advises against following Houthi instructions to divert to Houthi-controlled ports for detention of the ship and crew, and provide directions regarding suitable waiting areas in case of decision to postpone transit through the Southern Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

Members who are considering their ships to transit this region are also recommended to refer to the U.S. Maritime Advisory 2024-001 and Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) Guidance for Shipping Navigating the Southern Red Sea.



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Captain Akshat Arora

Senior Risk Assessor