Nigel Brooks - 8 July 2010

Nigel Brooks

8 July 2010

Nigel Brooks

After serving more than 20 years with the firm, Nigel Brooks, Regional Director, will be leaving Thomas Miller.

Nigel first joined Thomas Miller in 1981 as a claims executive having qualified as a barrister.

After a period elsewhere, he re- joined the firm in the Underwriting Department in January 1991 and was the senior underwriter for Greece and South America.

Thomas Miller P&I Chairman Luke Readman says, "Nigel is a well known and respected underwriter in the market, in particular serving as Regional Director for Greece. Nigel has earned great respect for his knowledge of both P&I and Defence matters. We appreciate his considerable contributions over the years and the firm wishes Nigel well in his future endeavours."

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Thomas Miller has a team of 26 claims handlers and underwriters on hand to support Greek Members of the UK Club and the UK Defence Club, located in London and Piraeus.Thomas Miller have maintained a representative office in Piraeus staffed by Thomas Miller's executives for more than thirty years.Rod Lingard currently leads the Piraeus team of Thomas Miller Hellas, known by the abbreviation "H1", with the support of nine other claims directors and executives.In London, Syndicate 2 supports Greek controlled tonnage whose Members prefer to manage their insurance affairs through their London offices.

Philip Clacy leads Syndicate 2 assisted by thirteen claims handlers, many with either legal or practical shipping experience, some of it in owners' employment. Philip Clacy led the Piraeus team for six years prior to Rod Lingard.Daniel Evans, based in London, also previously managed the Piraeus team prior to his appointment as Club Manager of the UK Defence Club.Greek controlled shipping accounts for approximately a quarter of the UK Club's total membership of 107 million gross tons.

The Club, can trace its links with Greek owned ships as far back as 1885 and a ship called the Embiricos. Its first Greek director. Basil Mavroleon, was elected as a Director of the UK P&I Club Board in 1938.

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