Accessing documentation via the 'Members Area' of the Club website

Already registered with the Club's online services ?  If not scroll down to the 'Registering for online services' section of this page

If you have already registered for the Club's online services simply click on the "Members Area" button at the top right of our website home page and this will bring you to the login page.

Once your user ID and password have been entered you will be presented with the main online services web page.

Choose "

Underwriting Online

"from the selection of option 'pods' presented across the page.

A menu of options will then display in the centre of the web page. Choose "

Policy documentation

" from this list.

A four step selection menu will then display in the web page. Enter your Member company name in the first box and choose whether P&I or Defence documentation is required. Click on the word "Go" in the step 2 box and a list of entry groups will display in the "Step 3" box.

Click on the circular button next to the group for which you wish to obtain documentation and then select the current policy year (2012) from the dropdown list in the "Step 4" box. Click on "

Display documentation

" beneath the Step 4 box.

A list of the renewed ships in that group will then display. To the left is a description of the available documentation i.e. Blue Card Bunker Certificate and to the right is a box where you can select the ship whose documentation you require.

Having selected which ship(s) you wish to create a copy of Club documentation for, click on the "

Create PDF

" command in the bottom right corner of the screen.

A separate tab should open in your internet browser displaying the pdf of the chosen documentation. Save a copy to your computer by clicking on the diskette icon that displays at the top left of the screen in the PDF toolbar.

Registering for on-line services

If you have not yet registered for the Club's online services, then click here to start the registration process.

In the event of any difficulty accessing UK Club Online Services please contact either

Jenny Lane


Nick Whitear

in the London office.

Staff Author