Container Security


The introduction of the ISPS Code has aroused an interest regarding the effect it will have in deterring criminal involvement in container crime.

There can be no doubt that the improved security recommendations focussing on the terrorist issue, particularly at ports and terminals, should provide a securer internal environment. This is likely to lead criminals to concentrate their activities away from these locations to areas where there is less security. However, there will still be those who will use these locations to carry out their crime. 

In recent times, a percentage of Signum’s work has focussed on containers that have traversed ports and terminals, either in a tampered condition or with cargo different to that shown on the Bill of Lading and Manifest.

When these instances have come to light, the method used to gain access to the container has tended to depend on the level of security in place at the port or terminal on acceptance of the container.

For instance, if the procedure only requires verification that a seal is attached, without checking its details or that it has been tampered with, will more than likely result in the seal being removed and then re-fixed or another attached.

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