54 - 07/98 - Piracy - Selat Gelasa Strait - Singapore/Indonesia


Following received from the Singapore Shipping Association 30th June 1998 :-

"A Singapore flag container ship en route from Jakarta to Singapore was attacked by pirates at 2135 hours on 29th June 1998. The location of the attack was Lat 02 - 53' S, Long 107 - 16' E.

The ship was transiting Selat Gelasa Strait when 5 armed pirates boarded the ship and entered the accommodation from the bridge. They took US$20,154 from the ship master's safe as well as valuables of the master, 3rd officer and one AB.

The whole operation took only 15 minutes but no casualties were reported".

The SSA have advised their Members to inform their masters to take necessary precautionary measures when their ships transit the waters where the attack took place. They have also requested them to report to SSA any cases where they become victims of an attack."

Source of Information :

Singapore Shipping Association through YS Ng (Singapore office)


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