109 - 09/99 - Port State Control Detentions - India

We understand  from the Club's correspondents in India that the Port State Control authorities based in Mumbai comprising surveyors from the Mercantile Marine Department  have lately begun inspecting  ships in Mumbai and on the west coast of India to ensure that they comply with all international statutory regulations.

We are advised that many ships are presently under detention and that the authorities are being very strict; ships will not be allowed to sail until all deficiencies are cleared. We are categorically advised that no amount of pressure will influence the Port State Control authorities to change their decisions. In one instance they have even seriously criticised a classification society in respect to an item which they considered basic to the safety of the ship. Clearly the Indian authorities are taking their responsibilities very seriously.

During a recent meeting between the Club's correspondents and the Principal Officer of the Mercantile Marine Department, Mumbai, it was clearly stated that India being a signatory to the MOU signed by 35 countries will ensure that any vessel which is substandard will not be allowed to leave India. He requested this warning be conveyed to all shipowners.

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Capt M.K.K.Moorthy

Executive Director

Pandi Correspondents Pvt Ltd



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