90 - 04/99 - Changes to the ITF Standard Crew Contract


Members' attention is drawn to some recent changes to the International Transport Workers Federation standard crew contract for use on board so called "flag of convenience" vessels as well as in other affiliated union contracts.

New clauses and amendments significantly alter the basis on which benefits are paid to crew members. In particular the clauses relating to death, illness and disability compensation. There is also a requirement for crew members to observe picket lines established by dockers and a requirement to establish a shipboard safety committee including ITF representation.

Members are reminded that the provisos to Rule 2, sections 2 and 3, read: " Where the liability arises or the costs or expenses are incurred under the terms of a crew agreement or other contract of service of employment and would not have arisen but for those terms, that liability is not covered by the Association unless and to the extent that those terms shall have been previously approved by the Managers in writing."

We recommend that Members pay particular attention to crew contracts which are being re-negotiated as well as existing contracts which should be submitted to the Managers for approval prior to use.

Source of information:-

Martin Turner Claims Executive, Area Group (L5)

Peter Jackson Claims Executive, Area Group (L3)


Staff Author