143 - 06/00 - Customs Fines - Tripoli - Libya

The Customs Authorities in Tripoli, Libya  are currently taking a very strict approach to contraband or breach of any local regulations.Many bear criminal sanctions and will result in charges against the Master which may result in prolonged detention awaiting trial. Ships calling at Libyan ports are warned to adhere strictly to the local laws and regulations which state that :1.  

It is prohibited to bring or to keep on board any of the following:

(a) Alcohol (including unopened cans of beer) except in bonded store.

(b) Cigarettes, except in bonded store.

(c) Commodities of any kind manufactured, produced or originated in Israel.

(d) Pornography of any kind including crew magazines and videos.


Rat guards must be used for the duration of the ship's berthing.


Advance permission should be obtained prior to commencing any painting or repair jobs, including opening main engine.


Containers must be checked for proper sealing before arriving or sailing.


Crew are not allowed to leave ship before 07.00 hours or after 19.00 hours.


Movement of crew or goods outside the ship is prohibited without advance permission.

Any breach of the above regulations will result in delays to the ship, interrogations by authorities, heavy fines and/or imprisonment.

Source of information: J Barrett (Correspondent Manager)


Staff Author