148 - 07/00 - Possible C/P Disputes - River Congo - PDR Congo

We have recently been warned by Members of  potential charterparty disputes in respect of draft/navigational problems in the Congo.

Within the last week it has been reported that the official draft allowances - 23 feet up river and 24 feet down river - could be in error. Pilots at the moment are reportedly only accepting vessels of up to 22 feet for both although a master on one of the Club's ships feels 21.5 feet to be more realistic.

Little or no dredging work appears to be in hand on the river at the moment and it is further reported that buoy no 45 (a critical buoy) is missing and the deep water between buoys 45 and 47 is being encroached on by shifting sandbanks.

Members should be aware that official data is unlikely to be as up to date as it should be.

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