258 - 08/02 - Weighbridge Accuracy - Dar Es Salaam - Tanzania


So you thought weighbridge figures were accurate? 

Recent experiences in Dar Es Salaam might make you want to think again. Receivers are notorious for ignoring draft survey reports on the basis they are inaccurate the following might make them want to re consider.

We are advised that instead of uncoupling the trailer the front end of the unit is weighed, the unit then drives through leaving the rear axle on and another reading taken. The readings are then added together. This is done both empty and full the difference being the weight of the commodity.

The Club strongly recommends

1) That Members be aware that port weighbridge figures in Dar Es Salaam could be suspect

2) Members should contact the Club’s correspondent if out turn figures are to be based on weigh bridge calculations alone.

3) Members should make charterers aware that there could be a problem with out turn figures in this port

4) As a general rule

  1. Members should always make sure, if possible, hatches are sealed prior to leaving the load port in the presence of a third party surveyor
  2. Invite Charterers/Receivers to attend at the discharge port to witness the seal breaking.
  3. Always conduct an independent draft survey, inviting Charterers/Receivers to attend.
  4. Closely monitor any spillage at time of discharge, keeping photographic and written evidence. If spillage is excessive contact the Club’s correspondent
  5. If Members are faced with shortage claims based on weighbridge figures it is essential for weighbridge calibration records to be checked. The actual method of use of the weighbridge itself should also be checked for irregular practices as above.

Source of information: Loss Prevention Dept


Staff Author