265 - 10/02 - Wheat Discharge Problems Update - Iraq


To update Bulletin 199 we have been advised of restrictions Iraq are imposing on the import of wheat, exported from Australia. This action is reported to have commenced in July of this year. The reason we believe is political, Iraq apparently asked Australia to confirm that they would not support the USA’s proposed action against Iraq, this was not verified therefore Iraq immediately announced a review of the Australian wheat imports for the pending year which they may cut in half.At present there are three vessels alongside in Umm Qasr, Iraq, with a cargo of Australian wheat that are suffering again by many alleged problems such as apparent infestation, iron and steel particle contamination and sulphur contamination. The vessel concerned with sulphur contamination had not carried such a cargo in it’s recent past. These events are causing major delays.Members should be aware that when exporting Australian wheat for import to Iraq major delays/problems should be expected.

Source of Information: Loss Prevention Dept


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