268 - 10/02 - Evidence of P&I Cover - Bosporus & Dardanelles - Turkey


New regulations have come into force from the 7th October 2002 for the transit of the Bosporus and Dardanelles.

It is now a requirement that ship agents provide the Maritime Traffic Regulation Management with a form which includes details of the ship's P&I insurance and also evidence of that insurance before the ship is allowed to transit the straits.

Although there is still some uncertainty as to precisely what the maritime authorities require, they are presently satisfied by the submission of a copy of the current endorsement of the Club Certificate of Entry which, if not on board, can be faxed to the agents. The form requires the policy number of the P&I insurance and although there is no policy number as such, this requirement can be satisfied by inserting in the form the ship/certificate number which is found in the top left hand corner of the endorsement.

There were a few enquiries from Members around 7th October, when the new regulations were introduced (without proper notice), transit of the straits appears to be taking place without delays provided that a copy of the current endorsement of the Club Certificate of Entry is sent to the agent beforehand.

Source of information : T Kennedy (Specialists)


Staff Author