285 - 01/03 - New Customs Regulation (24 Hour Rule) - USA

Further to LP Bulletin 274 12/02, we would like to remind Members that as of 2nd February 2003 all cargo loaded for the USA will have to comply with the 24-hour manifest rule. This rule applies to all sea carriers loading cargoes, with the exception of bulk cargoes; homogeneous cargo stowed loose in the hold and non-containerised cargo. The Trade Act of 2002 requires the shipper to send a complete set of shipping documents no later than 24 hours prior to the ship departing. In the event of non-compliance the US Customs has the right to impose penalties on the master and carrier, which may mean the ship is refused entry into the USA, cargo units refused discharge within the USA or $25,000 (Please refer to the Ports and Waterways Safety Act 33 USC 1232).Members should ensure that full and complete documentation is received from their shippers prior to accepting cargoes for shipment. Source of information: 



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