286 - 02/03 - Problems with wheat infestation - Ukraine


We have been advised that world grain importers are on alert after three shipments of wheat loaded in the Ukraine for discharge in Canada have found to be infected by two diseases, flag smut and dwarf bunt. Flag smut attacks the leaves and stems of wheat plants, with grey-black spores appearing on the leaves while plants infected with dwarf bunt produce heads that contain bunt balls instead of seed. These are filled with black powdery spores.

On 6th December 2002, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) revoked all import permits for the importation of wheat from the Ukraine after discovering the crop was infected. Kiev has initiated an investigation on how it had allowed grain to be infected with the crop diseases as Canada have stated that they will maintain its suspension on imports until the Ukraine implements measures to ensure food safety.

We have been advised that Asian buyers are unlikely to follow the Canadian example and cancel contracts though traders are waiting for any comment form South Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia.We advise all Members to make their commercial and operational departments aware of the above situation.Source of information: 

Martin Jonas - Brookes Bell Jarrett Kirman

Jean Charlet - GAMA Gie



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