313 - 07/03 - New Requirements for Confirmation of Club Cover - Mumbai - India


We have been advised that from the 31st July 2003 all applications to enter Mumbai port must be accompanied by a valid certificate of P&I cover.

The directive from the Deputy Conservator of the Mumbai Port Trust (MPT) states: -

" It has come to light that through the P&I Covers being produced by vessels arriving in the port are valid for a year as shown in the certificate against the validity, the cover becomes technically invalid due to the non-payment of the premium which is paid quarterly.

Hence, it is required by all agents to produce a certificate from the local correspondent of the concerned P&I Club confirming the validity of the same so as to avail of the services of the Mumbai Port Trust.

Furthermore, no application will be received without this certificate from the 31st July 2003. Till then, the application may be received with an assurance of submitting the said certificate within a day ".

At the time of writing it is not certain whether a standard Confirmation of Entry letter supplied by the Club to Members will satisfy the MPT's requirements. It should be stressed that the correspondents are not in a position to provide the confirmation required by the MPT and they should not be asked to do so.

We advise Members that the Secretary of the International Group of P&I Clubs is writing directly to the MPT to set out the position of the International Group. In the first instance it is hoped that a deferment of the 31st July 2003 deadline will be agreed.

Members should contact the Club with any queries or concerns regarding the above.

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