316 - 08/03 - Amended New Requirements for Confirmation Of Club Cover - Mumbai - India

Further to LP Bulletin 313 which advised that the Mumbai Port Trust intended to require all ships to submit a valid certificate of P&I cover prior to being granted access into Mumbai port, we have now been informed that following a meeting between the MPT and the correspondents of the P&I Clubs on the 29th July 2003, the Port Circular dated 8th July 2003 containing this order has been withdrawn with immediate effect. The existing system is reinstated. This requires the ship’s agents to submit a copy of the ship’s P&I Certificate of Entry - albeit with the rider that the port will not accept any Certificate of Entry that is printed on a broker’s letterhead and will insist in sighting proof from the insurance provider themselves of the particular ship’s coverage. If the port has any queries or doubts regarding any P&I documentation submitted to them by the ship’s agent, they will seek clarification with the local correspondent on an informal basis. Source of information 

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