329 - 10/03 - New Requirements to Control Hydrocarbon Emissions - Dubai


We have been advised that as from 22nd September 2003, ships performing operations whilst alongside a tanker berth in Dubai must comply with the requirements to reduce air pollution by controlling hydrocarbon emissions.

These requirements state:

Tanker berth users/charterers must ensure that all tankers calling at tanker berths are without any structural or mechanical damage/failure/breakdown that could release cargo vapours involuntarily.

Masters of tankers bound for loading at tanker berths should be informed well in advance to purge cargo tanks with fresh inert gas until the atmosphere within the cargo tanks reaches a maximum of 2% hydrocarbon content or less prior to the ship's arrival to Dubai ports.

All pump rooms should be ventilated for at least one hour prior to the ship's arrival at the pilot station in order to expel any cargo vapours within the space/spaces.

Loading operations being carried out on tankers should be exercised with the utmost care, having regard to both wind direction and humidity levels. 

If the wind is from the North or Northwest and the humidity is high, the loading rate should be adjusted in order to reduce emissions and allow better dispersions of hydrocarbon and mercaptans and/or hydrogen sulfide gasses.

Failure to comply with these recommendations may result in the delay of operations when alongside the berth.

We advise all Members to be fully aware of the above and to inform their operations departments accordingly.

Source of information: 

Gulf Agency Company (Dubai) LLC

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