339 - 12/03 - Appointment of Licensed Tally Clerks - Chittagong - Bangladesh

We have been advised of several situations where owners' agents have instructed a tally contractor to attend the discharge of bagged cargo in Chittagong, Bangladesh, only to find they were not licensed by the relevant authority, as required by law. This resulted in the tallies not being regarded as true records by the courts or by the authorities.Section 70, Chapter II of 'Chittagong Port Authority Regulations for Working at Chittagong Port (Cargo and Container) 2001 states: -"No person or body of persons shall work as tally contractor on any vessel in the port without a license from the authority, the decision of which shall be at the sole discretion of the authority, and with such terms conditions and regulations as the authority may from time to time decide".We advise Members to ensure that their agents only appoint licensed tally contractors and to make their ships' masters and operation departments aware.Source of information: 

Club Correspondents

Chittagong, Bangladesh

through N Sansom (Thomas Miller, Singapore)


Staff Author