340 - 01/04 - Reminder of the Regulations Concerning the Disposal of Garbage from Bulk Carriers - Australia


We would like to remind Members that any masters, owners or crewmembers found responsible in Australia for illegal discharges within 12 nautical miles of the nearest land may be liable for fines up to AUS$1,100,000 (approx US$853,000).

There are at present seven cases of violations of Annex V of the MARPOL 73/78 Convention that are being investigated with a view to prosecution.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) continues to receive reports of waste materials being disposed of from bulk carriers carrying out maintenance work while at anchor awaiting entry into load ports.

The MARPOL regulations state that the disposal of food waste and all maintenance waste collected by the engine and deck departments while maintaining and operating the ship, including machinery deposits, scraped paint, deck sweepings, wiping wastes, rags, paint supplies and larger items of shipboard fittings and equipment is strictly prohibited within 12 nautical miles of the nearest land.

Although disposal of waste is generally permitted beyond this area, all waste generated at anchor should be disposed of at shore based reception facilities which can be arranged for through the ship’s local agents. If this is not possible, the waste should be disposed of in deep water at sea in accordance with MARPOL while the ship is on route to the next port.

We advise all Members of the above and ask then to inform their masters and operation departments and recommend they read marine notice 15/2003 for full details.

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Australian Maritime Safety Authority



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