358 - 04/04 - Revised Fines due to Non-Declaration of Bunkers and Ship's Stores - Argentina

Further to LP Bulletin 178 which warned of fines due to non-declaration of bunkers in Argentina, we would like to advise that similar incidents have occurred because of the non-declaration of paints, chemicals for cleaning purposes and spare parts. When a ship is cleared by the customs authorities on arrival in Argentina bunkers, paints, chemicals and spare parts are required to be declared on the ship’s store list. Lack of declaration and inaccuracies will constitute “prima facie” an infringement of customs regulations. Ship’s agents are jointly and separately responsible for this sort of infringement since proceedings are instigated against them as “clearance agent”. Therefore, the ship agent will require a letter of undertaking before ship’s departure from Argentinean waters covering themselves for the potential fine up to its maximum exposure. We advise Members of the above situation and to inform their ships’ masters accordingly. Source of information: 

PANDI Liquidadores S.R.L.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina 




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