369 - 07/04 - Problems with Disembarking Stowaways - Mombasa - Kenya

We have been advised of a recent decree issued by the Kenyan authorities that states that non-Kenyan stowaways are no longer permitted to be disembarked and be placed in the safe custody of the Mombasa Port Police pending investigation and eventual repatriation.Non-Kenyan stowaways may only be disembarked when a consular/embassy official has confirmed their nationality and the requisite emergency travel documents have been issued. The stowaways will then be disembarked and taken directly to the airport. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to have necessary repatriation documentation on hand in time.Most embassies are situated in Nairobi. Even if the officials manage to coincide their arrival in Mombasa with the arrival of the ship, the necessary flight schedules and seats may not be available for the stowaways to be transferred directly from the port to the airport. In some exceptional cases, Tanzanian stowaways can be removed in time, as the Tanzanian consular representative is located in Mombasa.Source of information: 

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Mombasa, Kenya



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