Alert! 12 - It makes sense...


It makes sense that a ship should be designed and built with the user and the operational task in mind, taking into account the environmental conditions that it is likely to encounter during its working life.

It makes sense that experienced crew should stand by during the build to ensure that the ship and its systems are ultimately ‘fit for purpose’, and that the crew should be familiar with their ship well before it leaves the builder’s yard.

It makes sense that the ship should be sufficiently manned to ensure its safe operation. It makes sense for crew members to be competent to operate the ship and its systems, in accordance with the requirements of international conventions and industry guidelines.

It makes sense for those who are involved in the design, build, regulation and management of ships and their systems, to have an understanding of the ‘ways of the sea’. It makes sense to ensure that handbooks and operating instructions take into account the different nationalities, languages and cultures of seafarers; and that they are set out in a clear and simple manner, are not technically complicated and are easily understood.

It makes sense that seafarers are able to communicate effectively in the execution of their duties; and that their knowledge of the English language is sufficient to be able to communicate safety messages both internally and externally, and during normal and abnormal situations. 


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