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EU Regulation 1013/2006 concerns the shipping of waste to and from non-OECD countries and came into force 12 July 2007.

Shippers of waste are required to follow a procedure of prior written notification and consent through the competent authority of dispatch, and a contract will be drawn up between the shipper and the consignee for the recovery or disposal of the notified waste.

The contract requires that the shipper will take back the waste if the shipment or the recovery or disposal has not been completed as intended or if it has been effected as an illegal shipment. Members may be concerned that shipments to be returned to the place of loading will be to their account, but the regulation provides the following:

All shipments of waste for which notification is required shall be subject to the requirement of a financial guarantee or equivalent insurance covering costs of transport; recovery or disposal; and storage for up to 90 days.

The financial guarantee or equivalent insurance shall be established and effective at the time of notification, and will have been approved by the competent authority of despatch. It is intended to cover costs arising in the context of:

a) Cases where a shipment or the recovery or disposal cannot be completed as intended; and

b) Cases where a shipment or the recovery or disposal is found illegal.

Members are advised to ensure when carrying waste that the shipper understands that shipments of waste are subject to a range of regulatory controls of the competent authorities of the destination, dispatch and transit countries and that the shipper is responsible for ensuring the shipment is fully compliant.

In order to assist the tracking of shipments of waste, the person under the jurisdiction of the country of dispatch who arranges the shipment shall ensure that the waste is accompanied by documentation as required by the regulation. In the event that a shipment is to be returned, insurance details of the shipment should be easily obtainable.

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