546 - 10/07 - Recent Iron Ore Incidents - India

The Association wishes to bring to your attention that recently three vessels known to have loaded iron ore fines in India suffered extreme perils at sea soon after departing the load port on account of serious shifting of cargo. The loading ports involved were Mangalore and Haldia and brief information about the incidents are set out below:

· MV Chang Li Men - sailed Mangalore 5/9/07: Developed list of almost 16 degrees and had to be beached off Tannir Bhavi beach near Mangalore.

· MV Discovery II - sailed Haldia 18/9/2007: Developed list and called Vizag where the cargo, which had overwhelmingly liquefied, was taken off the vessel.

· MV Vien Dong 2 - sailed Haldia on 26/9/2007: Cargo shifted at sea causing vessel to list 20 degrees to starboard. She was beached off Car - Nicobar Islands.


Staff Author