579 - 5/08 - Asian Gypsy Moth - USA


The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has updated its information regarding the Asian Gypsy Moth (AGM) program.

Due to the serious pest risk of AGM, ships arriving in to the US/Canada, from Japan and Far East Russia, without the required AGM certificates will be subject to increased inspection and possible delays in berthing and cargo operations.

Japan Certification Requirements are unchanged for 2008

Commercial ships that transit the regulated, conditional ports during high-risk periods will be required to have certification of freedom from Asian gypsy moth if they intend to visit US and Canada ports before the start of the next high-risk season next year.

Shipping interests destined to the US and Canada must contact the below Japanese inspection entities directly in order to facilitate the scheduling of certification. This is consistent with the program in Far East Russia, except that the system in Japan is operated by selected private companies, not government entities.

The following are a listing of six approved and trained companies that provide AGM certification is Japan:

• Nippon Kaiji Kentei Kyokai (NKKK)

• SK Surveyors & Sworn Measurers' Association

• All Nippon Checkers Corporation

• The Japan Cargo Tally Corporation

• Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center Co., Ltd. (JEVIC)

• Japan Grain Inspection Association

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