672 - 01/10 - Illegal Pornographic Material - South Africa

In May 2009, five Filipino seafarers from two separate vessels were arrested and detained in Liverpool, England, following the discovery of pornographic material on personal laptops and mobile phones by HM Custom officers (see Bulletin 640). In December 2008, HM Custom officers had also caught a Filipino seafarer with child pornographic material and it was reported that he was the second seafarer to have been caught that month being in possession of such illegal material.

It has also been reported that in New Zealand, 2 seafarers were convicted in the North Shore District Court having been prosecuted by the Customs Service for the importation of objectionable material involving sexual exploitation of children.

We can now report that in South Africa, a seafarer has also been arrested and successfully prosecuted for being in possession of illegal material involving the sexual exploitation of children.


Staff Author