731 - 12/10 - Crew documentation 1LO C108 and ILO C185 - Brazil

We understand, Immigration Authorities in the ports of Recife and Suape, in North East Brazil, are applying ILO Convention 108, which means that seafarers should hold a Seaman's book issued by their Country or the vessel's flag state, both of which MUST BE SIGNATORIES TO THE CONVENTION.

Seafarers who do not fulfil these requisites must hold a valid Passport (with the corresponding competent/valid visa in case of countries which require similar formality from Brazilian citizens). If not, they will be banned from leaving the vessel and subject to a fine in the region of US$500.-

According to the ILO website, neither the Philippines nor Croatia, two of the largest suppliers of crews, are signatories to the above mentioned Conventions.

We are advised that Immigration Authorities at other Brazilian ports will possibly follow a similar policy which could cause issues especially with seasonal passenger ship operations in Brazil.

Source of information:

John McLintock





Staff Author