757 - 04/11 - Strict control on Deballasting in Shanghai Port - China


The Club has received important information surrounding the stance taken by the Shanghai Maritime Safety Authority (Shanghai MSA) on the ballasting operations of vessels inbound from Japanese waters.QUOTEOutline

  • For vessels, whose last calling port was in Japan, or whose ballast water was taken from Japanese water, Shanghai MSA is executing the strict control on their deballasting operation in Shanghai Port.
  • Further information will be provided if available.

Dear Sirs/Madame

Considering the environmental sensitivity of Shanghai water, especially in
Changjiang River and Huangpu River, and to ensure the safety of drinking water
in Shanghai, it is informed by Shanghai MSA that they are now carrying out
strict control over ships' deballasting operations in Shanghai Port.

  1. Since 1600 hrs of March 30, 2011, for vessels with last calling port in Japan or those with ballast water taken from Japanese water (hereinafter referred to as "VESSELS"), permits for deballasting operations will not be granted by the branches of Shanghai MSA located in Changjiang River and Huangpu River; and the MSA branches at Yangshan and Jinshan ports must conduct strict control over the VESSELS' deballasting application.
  1. But if the VESSELS can provide the quarantine inspection certificates issued by the Quarantine Inspection Organs, or they can prove that all the ballast water onboard has been replaced by the water of open seas, then the deballasting operation can be approved.

We are in the continuous effort of collecting more value information. Further information will be provided whenever available.

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