786 - 09/11 - Restrictions lifted on Philippine crew - Brazil

The Brazilian government have acquiesced to pleas to relax immigration controls affecting Philippine crewmen under the ILO C108 & C185 regulations adopted by Brazil earlier this year.

The position of the Brazilian government to suspend the ability for foreign seafarers not in possession of a passport or seaman's discharge book from a country which has ratified ILO C 108 or C185 to go ashore or to disembark. This had consequences to a vessels ability to affect crew changes in Brazil.

However it has been reported to the Club that the port of Santos has received instruction from the General Coordination of the Immigration Affairs in Brasilia that such an imposition against Philippine seafarers has been revoked in all Brazilian ports.

The result of this is that, Philippine seafarers holding a Seaman's Book or valid Passport will be allowed to sign in/out or come ashore. Presently this only applies in the port of Santos but it is expected that similar instructions have been sent to the other Brazilian ports and therefore restrictions have been lifted there also. This ruling applies only to Philippine seafarers.

Source of Information:

John McLintock

Brazil P&I

Santos, Brazil



Staff Author