798 - 12/11 - High fines from defect reporting procedure - Worldwide


Two vessels entered in the Club have been heavily fined as a result of incorrect defect reporting procedures


The Club is currently dealing with two more cases of higher than expected port state fines. One Iberian state arrested a vessel for failing to have "two statutory anchors" and failing to declare this deficiency to the Harbour Master.

The vessel having lost her anchor in heavy weather contacted both her flag state authority and classification society in the proper manner and was granted dispensation. However failing to report the lost anchor to the harbour master resulted in the detention of the vessel until security of more than €20 000 was posted.

In a second incidence a vessel entering the waters of the same state was fined for also not having informed the port authorities of the loss of one anchor despite having done so on a previous visit. The vessels classification society required the vessel to have a tug in attendance during port manoeuvre operations which the owner dutifully ordered at each port call.

Also, the lost anchor was verbally reported to the pilot during the master / pilot exchange on each port call procedures however the Master was never informed of the requirement to report this to the harbour master. The vessel was fined over €7000.

The Club would advise all members that if any vessel finds itself in similar circumstances to contact their local agent and request full deficiency reporting procedures.

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