805 - 01/12 - Limited port access to surveyors, Ilyichevsk - Ukraine


The Club's correspondents in Ukraine have advised that the port of Ilyichevsk has decided not to extended validity of the permanent port passes normally issued to surveyors and correspondents. Appointed surveyors and correspondents will now be required to apply for port passes each and every time they wish to enter the port.  

The new Ilyichevsk port administration decided for the coming year, 2012 not to extend such agreements allowing surveyors and correspondents to retain their permanent port passes. Stating surveyors & correspondents business is not for the port itself (only to vessels that call) they see no reasons to extend validity of the standing agreements and therefore have revoked this privilege. 

It is understood that approximately forty marine surveyors/consultants have had their port pass extensions rejected. The port authority recommends in case there is the necessity for a surveyor to attend the port/vessel they follow existing regulations; those being for the agents to provide to the port administration and security management the relevant set of documents for the survey/consultant/correspondent Company and details of the attending surveyors. These will then be considered and decision to issue any pass will be taken by the port Director. No guarantees of approval are given in this respect.  

The port administration and security management offices are open only during day time office hours and not in the evening, the night on weekends or public holidays. 

This obviously has considerable consequence if an incident should arise and a surveyor and/or correspondent are required assist the vessel if required to by the Master, Member or the Club. 

It is recommended that any vessels calling Ilyichevsk and requiring the assistance of a surveyor to notify their local agent or correspondent as soon as practically possible so all port entry documentation can be arranged well in advance of the vessels arrival.

In cases of assistance being required resulting from an unforeseen incident or of a dispute, it should be expected that these new circumstances may result in the vessel being delayed.

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Legat Co.Ltd, Odessa




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