889 - 05/13 - Update on MARPOL Annex V Amendments - Discharge of Hold Wash Water containing HME cargo residues - Worldwide


Further to Bulletin 863 and checklist "How to Comply with MARPOL Annex V", the Club has been advised that at a recent meeting of the Marine Environment Protection Committee at IMO there maybe some relaxation in respect of the discharge of Hold Water Washings (HWW) containing residues harmful to the marine environment (HME).

At present these cannot be discharged anywhere at sea only into port reception facilities. We understand due to the lack of these facilities this rule is being relaxed until 31st December 2015.

We understand HWW from holds previously containing HME may be discharged outside Special Areas, providing:

  1. Based on the information from the receiving port, the Master determines that there are no adequate facilities at the receiving terminal or at the next port of call.
  2. The ship is en-route and as far as practicable but at least 12 nautical miles from the nearest land
  3. Before washing, solid bulk cargo residues are removed (and bagged for discharge ashore) as far as practicable, and the holds swept.
  4. Filters are used in the bilge wells to collect any remaining solid particles and to minimize solid residue discharge, and;
  5. The discharge is recorded in the Garbage Record Book with the Flag State notified utilizing the Revised Consolidated Format for reporting Alleged Inadequacies of Port Reception Facilities (MEPS.1 / Circ 469 / Rev 2).

The Club is awaiting an official circular from the IMO to confirm this and will circulate it once received.

Source of Information: 

Loss Prevention Department


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