932 - 01/14 - Vessel fine for satellite phone - India

The Club has been made aware of a Member being fined for the possession of an unauthorized satellite phone on board one of their vessels.

Members are reminded that under Indian law, the possession and usage of satellite phones without a valid license whilst in Indian waters is illegal and can result in fines and delays to the vessel.

The Indian Directorate General of Shipping issued a DG Order in May 2012, which detailed the ban. Offenders may be prosecuted under Section 6 of the Indian Wireless Act and Section 20 of the Indian Telegraph Act. The DG Order (02-2012) can be found here.

The vessel in question was fined INR 60,000 ( 1,000 $USD), as well as having the phones confiscated by customs officials.

Source of information

UK P&I Club Loss Prevention Dept


PANDI Correspondents Pvt Ltd.



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