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The UK P&I Club has joined forces with leading marine cargo insurer Allianz AGCS Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) to publish new practical guidance for shipowners and operators on how to carry heavy-lift and project cargoes safely at sea. Recent incidents with such cargoes have led to significant ship and cargo losses as well as multi-million dollar claims for consequential project delays.

Written with independent expert input from London-based marine survey and consultancy firm Cwaves, Project cargo matters provides practical guidance on how to load, stow, secure and discharge heavy-lift and project cargoes safely − from superyachts to substructures. Its main recommendations are also available in a pocket-sized checklist entitled How to handle project cargoes.

The guide describes the characteristics of typical heavy-lift and project cargoes and includes details of relevant regulations and codes, a review of vessel types and suitability, recommended loading and discharge procedures, detailed stowage and securing advice, and requirements for voyage planning, reporting and record keeping.

Pitfalls highlighted include the use of inherently unsuitable bulk carriers; loading a ship such that it rolls too slowly or too quickly and overloads the cargo fastenings; mixing "hard" fastenings such as stoppers with "soft" fastenings such as lashings to resist the same force; and failing to ensure that heavy items in containers are properly secured.

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