China MSA Implements Special Safety Inspections for Ships Entering the Qingdao Water Areas from 20 April to Mid-June 2018


The UK Club has received the following  circular from correspondents in China advising that the China MSA is bringing in Special Safety Inspections for ships entering or intending to enter the Qingdao Water areas for navigation, berthing and operations for a limited period starting 20 April to mid-June 2018.

The regulations will initially apply only to ships of Chinese nationality. Owners will be required to submit a special information report to the MSA to apply for a special safety inspection. As from 20 May, ships of foreign nationality will also have to submit a special information report to the MSA. A special security inspection in conjunction with a PSC inspection shall then be conducted on the ship by the MSA. The attached Circular provides additional information.


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Jacqueline Tan

Legal Services Manager