Circular /97: Commercial Management for Shipmasters


Dear Sirs,


We enclose a copy of Commercial Management for Shipmasters by Captain Robert Tallack, the third in a series of books on commercial awareness sponsored by the UK Club as a part of its loss prevention programme.

This is the first comprehensive publication providing guidance to masters on how to manage commercial risk, dealing with all aspects of the marine venture from ship purchase, through voyages on charter or in liner trades to dry docking. It is an excellent training tool, and it includes materials on many topics not dealt with in traditional programmes.

This copy of the book is complementary, and we hope you will use it in the context of your own training schemes. I would therefore be grateful if you will pass it to the individual within your organisation who has responsibility for the continuing education of shipmasters.

If you require further copies, these can be obtained from the publishers - the Nautical Institute (fax + 44-171-401-2817). The book is normally priced at £60, but can be purchased by Members of the UK Club at a reduced price of £42, or £35 if ten or more copies are ordered. Mailing costs per book are £5 for the UK, £7 for Europe and £9 for the rest of the world.

We trust this book will be a useful addition to your training resources. If you have any comments about it, or about any other UK Club loss prevention initiative, we would be pleased to hear from you.

Yours faithfully,

Nigel Carden

Loss Prevention Director
Thomas Miller P&I Ltd.

as agents for Thos R. Miller & Son (Bermuda)

Staff Author