Circular 13/99: Pirates and Armed Robbers: A Master's Guide



Dear Sirs,

Pirates and Armed Robbers: A Master's Guide

Piracy and armed robbery continue to be a serious problem for shipowners and their crews, in the face of which shipowners will wish to provide their ships with up to date information and appropriate instructions so that necessary precautions can be taken.

The ISF/ICS have published a guide intended to help reduce the possibility of ships being attacked, and to limit the consequent risk to seafarers' lives. This newly revised edition of Pirates and Armed Robbers: a Master's Guide provides clear guidance to masters on:


Where attacks occur

How to prevent attacks

What to do in the event of an attack


The guide comes with a poster intended for use on board ships urging crews to be vigilant in areas where attacks are known to occur.

The Club is making the ISF/ICS advice available by sending one copy of the guide free to each Member. The cost of additional copies is £10 inclusive of airmail postage. Members who wish to purchase further copies should do so by contacting:


Marisec Publications,
12 Carthusian St,
London EC1M 6EZ
Phone: +44171-417-8844
Fax: +44171-417-8877


Payment can be by UK cheque or by credit card.

Yours faithfully

Herry Lawford
Loss Prevention Director


Staff Author